Vetz Petz Partnership Program

The Vetz Petz Partnership Program  (VPPP) was created to assist vets and their clients to navigate the internet process. Vets feel cheated when a client buys a product from an internet discount site that they previously recommended.

Now Vets can direct their client to the VPPP to buy Antinol®︎ from the web and as a result , the Pet Parent receives home delivery at a good price, while the vet still receives a margin instead of losing the income to the internet discounter.

Margin Calculator

Your Annual Estimated Net Profit


Your Monthly Estimated Net Profit

* Based on a % of your clinic customer base and patient mix

Total Patients / Year

* To calculate, slide the dots to the right or enter the numbers in the boxes to suit the number of pets that visit your clinic in a year.
    "caps_30_price": "3154",
    "caps_60_price": "5820",
    "duration": "12",
    "commission": "20",
    "blocks": [{
          "title": "Large Dogs",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "60",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Small / Medium Dogs",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Cats",
          "split": "25",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"
          "title": "Exotics",
          "split": "5",
          "pack": "30",
          "starting_value": "0"


A conservative estimate of a single vet's potential earnings growth over 3 years.

Estimated 3 Year Growth

Based on 2 small dogs, 2 large dogs and 1 cat per week, per year.

How it Works

  • We calculate your minimum annual margin based on 15% and 10% (total 25%) of all large dogs, small cats and dogs, and 5% of exotics you see per year.
  • If you have a higher % of pets in your clinic that have joint issues please increase the number of pets for each to adjust your earning potential.
  • 25% Small to medium sized dog based on 30 cap pack per month by 12 months
  • 25% Cats based on 30 cap pack per month by 12 months
  • 25% Large sized dog based on 60 cap pack per month by 12 months
  • 5% exotics based on 30 cap pack per month by 12 months
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