Benefits of Antinol®︎

Benefits of Antinol®︎

What is Antinol®︎?

Antinol®︎ is a naturally occurring blend of SIX marine lipid groups and other essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties.

  • 100% naturally occurring anti-inflammatory
  • No known side effects or contraindications
  • Results within 10-14 days
  • NOT allergically reactive

Antinol®︎ For Health

Antinol®︎ is a natural substance proven through scientific testing and published to be effective in helping reduce inflammation in your pet’s body. Vets recommend it as a safe and effective way to improve the quality of life of your dog and cat

Where is Antinol®︎ from?

Antinol®︎ is a uniquely extracted ingredient from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. It is mixed in a patented blend of fatty acids, sterols, carotenoids, and important ETA and OTA lipids. This blend cannot be found anywhere else

Reasons to pick Antinol®︎

  • safe, natural anti-inflammatory
  • promotes healthy skin and shiny coat
  • no known side effects or contraindications
  • high concentration of Omega 3s and other essential fatty acids

Is Antinol®︎ appropriate for a new puppy?

Starting your puppy on a healthy diet, regular exercise, and solid nutrition is ideal. You can use Antinol®︎ early to supplement your puppy’s diet and ensure long life, increased mobility, and excellent health.

How long will it take for Antinol®︎ to start working?

For most pets, improvement is within 10-14 days and can take a bit longer in older pets with joint discomfort issues. To get the most of Antinol®︎, continue using for a least 3 months.

Antinol® for Dogs
Antinol® for Cats
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