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The Science behind Antinol®︎

Antinol® is the all new natural joint treatment, containing PCSO-524® - a unique patented marine lipid compound uniquely different and 125x more potent than green-lipped mussel powder.

100% natural ingredient, the PCSO-524® contained in Antinol® is now assisting veterinarians worldwide to help maintain healthy joints and mobility.

With no known side effects, PCSO-524® can be safely taken with other medicines and prescription drugs.

The ingredients contained in Antinol® have no known cases of allergic reactions. 

Antinol® is fast-acting* so you can expect to see results in just 10-14 days*. Taken daily, Antinol® will visibly provide greater comfort to your dog or cat to maintain an active lifestyle, will assist with joint mobility, and is safe for long-term use.

*Based on the results of the safety study of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids supplement PCSO-524® (ANTINOL®) in Beagle dogs 2014.

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For Dogs

Antinol® helps dogs maintain active lives. It supports your dog's joint health & mobility to help keep them active and playful.
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For Cats

Antinol® helps keep cats frisky and playful by assisting joint comfort and mobility.
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Success stories from owners

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Frank has regained his playfulness


Frank is a 14 year old Toller/Lab-Pointer cross. Over the last couple of years he was showing signs of joint stiffness and discomfort. Our vet suggested Frank take part in the Antinol study in hopes of improving his mobility and easing his symptoms.

Since taking Antinol Frank has regained his playfulness and approaches his walks with a youthfulness we have not seen for some time. We are pleased with the results and believe that Antinol has improved his quality of life.

Happy Pet Parent - Canada

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I noticed a big difference after a week


I took Buddy into the vet for have a look at. At 12 his back legs (joints) were giving him grief and lots of pain. He was wobbly and limping and you could see that he was in a lot of discomfort.
The vet recommended trying Antinol for 60 days.

I noticed a big difference after a week. No more limping, getting around much better and less discomfort. The biggest test was after going for hike. After the hike, he was normally very stiff and store and limping more than usual. After the 60 days trial, there wasn’t anymore limping even after going for a hike.

Happy Pet Parent - Canada

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Antinol has given him back his quality of life


Gecko has led an active and amazing life. The top dog in his breed in Obedience, he also traveled with the Superdogs variety-style dog show for years. At 16, his athletic lifestyle is catching up to him. He has significant arthritis that has limited his mobility and is causing him pain.

For several years he had been on NSAIDs for pain and inflammation, but now has advanced kidney disease and can no longer tolerate them. I had tried several different pain medications to balance his kidney health and manage his pain but could not find anything that helped. I tried various supplements which he could tolerate well, but had no impact on his pain or mobility. He was walking with a significant limp and had dramatically reduced his own activity.

When I heard about Antinol, I was very excited to try it on Gecko. Within the first two weeks his limp was gone and we was more active. After a month he RAN outside, the first time I had seen him run in many months. He is able to get up and down the stairs on his own, instead of me carrying him. He is much more interactive and happier. Antinol has given him back his quality of life.

Happy Pet Parent - Canada

owner-img 3


Moving more freely and with less pain


Jemma was rescued at 13 months after already having had a litter of puppies. She has always moved slower than her other housemates. She was quite arthritic, had difficulty getting up off the floor to standing, and would be hobbled if she did run even the slightest bit. Enter Antinol! The change in Jemma has been remarkable. We cannot sing the praises of this product loudly enough! After the first two week loading dose, Jemma was running, initiating play, going over an agility jump, luring. Basically, finally living her puppy life.

Something that at 9.5 years old, we had never seen in her. It just warms our hearts watching her having fun now. She is clearly moving more freely and with less pain. She is able to stand from laying without effort, bounds up onto the couch or our bed easily, just plain having fun. Antinol was the long awaited answer for us. Thank you.

Happy Pet Parent - Canada

owner-img 4


Spending all day with family


This is my pal Scooby Do. He is 10 years old now and was selected by his Vet to become a member of the test group for the Antinol study in late Dec 2019, partly because he has developed arthritis in his joints. At the time that Scooby started this study he was sleeping on our bed (Hubby & I) pretty much all day. He had become quite withdrawn from family life.

Now almost 6 months later, Scooby is so different. I feel as though we are back 2 - 3 years ago. He has spunk, seeks our granddaughters (7 & 3) for playtime and is spending all day with family. Something I have also noticed just lately is that he is also playing much more with his stuffy toys (an old habit) and is vocalizing with them a lot and loudly too! (quite a new thing).

Scooby’s background: Scooby came to me from L.A., having been found in a shelter by a Cocker Spaniel rescue group. He was only 9 months old and had been abandoned, unfortunately he had also been neglected, abused and malnourished. It took me almost a year to be able to even hug him - he was fearful of human contact. In fact I took Reiki training specifically so that I would be able to help Scooby to navigate the “wide world”. I have become his touch-stone and he has become my best fur buddy!

We are continuing with Scooby’s daily Antinol, with other medications, and Cartrophen monthly injections. I will continue to update Scooby’s progress, and look forward to reading from other Antinol Study participants and their journey.

Happy Pet Parent - Canada

owner-img 5


Back to loving sand and life!


Hi Dr. Beale and the clinic - I am nearly at the 28 day mark and want you to know Antinol has done something that I didn't think I would ever get on top of.

Finally my girl's skin rashes and itchiness have gone and I am so grateful. For years I have done everything from diet changes, special balms, lotions, potions you name it and every year from Spring to Autumn - and especially through summer Audrey would get inflamed skin rashes, histamine type hives and be generally uncomfortable.

From a heatwave in January earlier this year -she was desperate and miserable (and so was I). This week - rolling on the beach and generally loving life - itch/rash free.

It's currently putridly hot and humid here and we are mid heatwave and nothing but smiles and a shiny coat and pink healthy skin. Her arthritic flare ups have also gone and I indicated this on my survey - but there was nowhere for me to give you feedback about the impact on her skin/coat.

Thank you again for letting me be a part of the trial.

Audrey Montgomery - Australia

owner-img 6


I am proud that I could make George healthier


Hello, my name is Gig and his name is George. He is 5 years old. He is a Pomeranian mix which had patella luxation like many other Pomeranians.

He had an operation on his right leg, a year later, he had an operation on his left leg. After the operation, it seemed like he still had a problem around his patella. Back then he was about 3 years old. He started to lift his leg and limping so I took him to the vet. The vet examined him and prescribed Antinol®.

The result was great. After one week treated with Antinol®, I could see him improvement in walking and running. I’m very happy he got a lot better. As you can see he can run, jump high, walk up and down the stairs.

I will continue feeding him with Antinol® because it improves her quality of life. He got a lot better. He is brave enough to jump, run and hop on the table which he normally doesn't do. I am proud that I could make George healthier.

Kitiya Hnuthong - Thailand

owner-img 7


She now walks 2 - 3 miles!


This is my beautiful girl Tessie. Tess will be 15 years old in April and has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease since November 2016, but I suspect she has had it for 2-3 years and I mistook the symptoms for old age.

One of the many symptoms of Cushing's is muscle shrinkage and weakness particularly in the back legs. I have had Tessie on Antinol for at least 18 months and I am amazed at the difference it has made.

Before Antinol she could barely walk to the beach and back (about 2kms) and it was a very slow walk but, after about 2-3 weeks on Antinol I noticed she was walking faster, wanting to walk on the beach and running (short bursts) at times with her doggy friends.

She now does 3-5kms every day with no sign of fatigue unless it is very hot or humid. Another symptom of Cushing's is an intolerance to heat which is why I get up at 4am to get her walked before it gets hot.

Koula Babinall - Australia

owner-img 8


The joy that she had lost has returned like before


Hello. My name is Prajak. I’m the owner of this dog. She’s a female named Ai-nam.

When her symptoms first started, it was like her rear would sway back and forth. When she would jump in the car or go up the stairs, her back legs didn’t have much strength. When she jumped, we usually had to lend a hand to help her up. When walking her rear had an abnormal sway. She had no strength for getting into the car, especially in her back legs.

After that, I felt her rear was swaying more and more, so I took her to see the vet. The vet checked her symptoms and X-rayed her. He found that her hip joint was starting to have problems. She was getting old. When we took her to the vet, she said they would need to operate on the hip joint, and we made the appointment. But actually we didn’t want to operate. We felt worried for her so the vet recommended Antinol®.

After one month passed by it was clear to see the signs of her swaying hip joint were showing less and less. After two months we already could see she was able to jump into the car by herself. So with her symptoms getting better, we didn’t need surgery. From then on, I thought she should keep taking Antinol®. Because she’d probably keep having these symptoms.

Now she’s still taking Antinol®. According to the vet’s recommendation to continue, to help her get better. I really feel good. She has a fun and active daily life now. Because she can move with freedom. The joy that she had lost has returned like before. She can run, play, jump, fetch things…stuff like that. Seeing her enjoying herself makes me happy. So I think we’ll keep using Antinol®.

Prajak Pramote - Thailand

owner-img 9


We adopted him and want him to stay with us as long as possible


Hello, my name is Breze and his name is Chaokhun. He is two years old.

Before, he had signs of pain in his legs, like a little limp due to pain. So we took him to the vet. The vet diagnosed joint & bone problems, so the vet prescribed Antinol® to improve his symptoms. I decided I might as well give it a try.

After taking Antinol® for about 1 month I could clearly see Chaokhun’s pain was gone. He was jumping and playing like normal, without any leg pain.

Actually, I saw improvement in about two weeks. He was running more and jumping up on the closet, the fridge. He didn’t have any more problems walking.

Before he was inactive but now he’s back to his usual cheerful self. He plays with us in his normal lifestyle. I’m happy that his symptoms disappeared.

I want him to stay with us as long as he can because he’s already like a part of our family. He’s like our little brother. We adopted him and want him to stay with us as long as possible.

Thippawan Kulklao - Thailand

owner-img 10


She can jump high and enjoy life!


At first she slept a lot, didn’t want to eat and. She was depressed and unable to walk or jump so I took her to the vet.

The vet examined her and said that she had a Muscle Atrophy problem and didn’t get proper exercise because of Osteoarthristis. So, the vet prescribed Antinol® .

After one week of using Antinol. I could see improvement in her walk and jump. So now I’ve continued Antinol for around 3 months.

She’s gotten a lot better. She’s happier. She can jump high and enjoy life. I will continue feeding her Antinol® because it improves her quality of life.

Saitarn Nithimanon - Thailand

owner-img 11


Experienced extraordinary success


Casey, my 16-year-old geriatric Calico cat, has experienced extraordinary success and pain relief using Antinol. Pain from osteoarthritis and a cruciate ligament issue in all four limbs, primarily in her right hind leg, resulted in my feline friend developing a limp. Casey had been in deteriorating health for about three years, experiencing higher levels of pain over time. Her normally calm, affectionate, and sweet nature changed.

When her Veterinarian suggested trying Antinol earlier this year, Casey had reached a low point, failing to groom herself, not purring, having difficulty climbing, struggling to make even a low jump, crying regularly from pain, lashing out at me if I attempted to touch her or pick her up, then hiding herself to avoid any social interactions. At first, I was able to manage Casey’s pain with natural supplements. A year later, I agreed to Cartrophen shots and then at a later date accepted Gabapentin to alleviate my cat’s often silent but obvious suffering.

Since August 2019, I have dieted Casey down from an unhealthy 13lbs to approximately 10lbs, which, in conjunction with the Cartrophen shots and now the Antinol capsules, has had a significant, positive impact on my cat’s general health and well-being. Casey grooms herself regularly now in her usual fastidious manner, purrs almost as often as she used to, welcomes my touch and enjoys affectionate petting and playtime, climbs up her kitty ladder with less hesitation than before to sleep at the end of my bed, and seems happier overall. Casey has also made occasional jumps, though not too high, and I do not notice her limping either. I am thrilled to see the improvements in attitude and mobility I notice in Casey since she began ingesting Antinol. Thanks to the product’s effectiveness, I was able to wean Casey off the Gabapentin at the beginning of her trial study. I now purchase Antinol, incorporating it into Casey’s daily breakfast routine.

To those of you considering giving your pet Antinol, be aware that improvements in her mobility and a marked decrease in her level of pain were not immediate with my cat. It took until the fourth week (and beyond) of Casey ingesting Antinol capsules as prescribed before I observed a remarkable transformation in her. Casey’s return to better health was the reward for my patience, perseverance, and hope for a positive outcome.

Keep up the great work, Antinol team. You have my sincerest gratitude for developing and distributing Antinol, a revolutionary, life changing product indeed. I thank you and Casey’s Veterinarian at the Port Coquitlam Animal Hospital for improving my pet’s quality of life. All of you dedicated people have made both of us happier!

Happy Pet Parent - Canada

owner-img 12


Playful kitten like she used to be


Shadow has arthritis in her legs and shoulders and for many years I have been trying different pain methods to keep her comfortable most which would make her sleepy and not very motivated to move. Since being on Antinol not only is she moving around she starting to be a playful kitten like she used to be. I am very pleased to see how energetic she is now and that she doesn’t need to be on a bunch of different medications. I am grateful for antinol and the change it has made in her life!

Happy Pet Parent - Canada

owner-img 13


Antinol has made a huge difference


Sadie’s Story

Sadie is now a 9 year old Lab/Shepherd.

In 2017 Sadie torn her cruciate ligament in her left hind leg, We did the surgery, they put a titanium plate in and then about 6 months later had to remove it as it was giving her issues, I was told at that time, she would probably tear her other within a year.. Well you guessed it, she tore her other cruciate ligament in her right hind leg, almost a year to the date...

She had the surgery in October just in time for winter weather... I built 3 ramps over our stairs for her as she was not supposed to go up & down stairs or slip.

We did all the rehabilitation prescribed.

In late 2018, early 2019, I noticed Sadie having issues with sitting, going up and down stairs and just starting to slow down more and more... we’d go on walks and she would become very stiff afterwards. I had also noticed she seemed sad! Sadie was scanned for arthritis and found it was starting... We tried all different types of medication..

And have now found a good regiment... 

My Veterinarian in late 2019 asked me if I’d like to become part of the Antinol Trial Study as it was for mobility, of course I jumped at the chance to make Sadie more comfortable..

Wow, did I notice a difference after just a couple weeks. I noticed that Sadie had more energy, when out on walks she wanted to run, she wanted to go farther. She started playing again, fetching, running and jumping. I also noticed that she was sitting more comfortable..

Sadie seems to be happier…

Since the trial, I have continued with Antinol as it has made a huge difference in her Physical & Mental wellbeing!

Thank you

Love from Sadie ️


Vicky from Canada

owner-img 14
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